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J I T E S H   &   P R A G N A

When we asked Pragna & Jitesh how they met, Jitesh simply said, "well she walked crossed my desk one day and, well, now we're getting married." So, we looked over to Pragna in disbelief and she went ahead and told us the real story. The story that highlighted all the smily faces she received through her work e-mail, all the random "print jobs" Jitesh started having because her desk was by the printer, to finally the epic first date. The amazing part of all of this is that it was an office merger which started the whole thing. Call it luck, call it fate, or call it destiny, but like its been said, "we don't meet people by accident, they are meant to cross our path

(or desk) for a reason.

Enjoy and Cheers!!

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