MAIYAN STUDIOS exclusive luxury wedding videos have become one of the most influential artists in the wedding industry and event cinematography world – and an international roster of grateful clients who love their passion, sensitivity and original artistry in capturing their special days.


MAIYAN STUDIOS goes over the edge of traditional video into a unique style of filming luxury South Asian weddings. Our strong knowledge and editorial technics have inspired the wedding industry with excitement and impact – and creating a feeling through our images that were captured with a unique talent. the result? unforgettable moments that are simply beautiful and priceless making MAIYAN STUDIOS  one of the most remarkable studios in the world. 


Our approach toward this art is a bit unique, as we believe that both filmmaking and photography is simply an art of observation.

We are constantly in search of "natural lighting" as our goal is to expose everything in its natural form. We believe that both filmmaking and photography has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. It is about finding something remarkable in every day and genuine love story and sharing that story with the world through the lenses of our cameras.



We want to be engaged with the needs of our clients in a transparent and effective way providing an unforgettable cinema experience of storytelling, unique artist’s eye and passion for event cinematography while offering a high-end level of talent and perspective rarely seen in the field. An exclusive blend of classical, edgy, editorial and journalistic style.


Approaching the most innovative techniques and creative ideas, turning conventional luxury wedding videos into a signature and personalized distinctive film production.



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